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DoCash CD45v Note Counter

Note Counters

We recommend a select range of Note Counting and Note Sorting machines.  From gaming to grocery stores, we have a note counter to speed up your cash counting.

JetSort 1000 Coin Counter

Coin Counters

We supply Coin Counting Equipment to suit all your needs.  Fast, accurate coin sorting and counting.

Sigma 170 Note and Coin Scales

Note & Coin Scales

Weighing bank notes and coins is faster and more accurate than manual counting. View our range of money weighing scales here.

DoCash Change Machines - CS-Companion

Change Machines

We supply and service Change Machines for all purposes.   From gaming to grocery stores, we have a change machine to help your customers.

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Need Accessories for your cash handling actiivites? We stock all you need.


DoCash Multi Currency Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detection

Reliable and Advanced Automated Mobile Fake Notes Detection Devices


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Our Sales Approach:

  • Reasonable & Realistic New Product Pricing
  • We will Match or Beat any Equivalent Product Anytime
  • Free Extended Warranties
  • Installation and Training on New Products Included
  • Very Attractive Trade-In Deals
  • Second Hand and Factory Refurbished Products
Australian Money - Notes for Counting

Our Service & Support:

  • Unbeatable Service Fees 7 Days a Week
  • Unbeatable Response Time
  • Flexabile Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Free Loan Units
  • Free Training and Phone Support
  • Qualified Factory Trained Engineers

FAQs on Counting and Sorting Cash

Why does my Bank or Credit Union need a Mixed Value Note Counter?

Unlike the traditional small single pocket piece counters or the Note Scales, out affordable Note Counters can catch a fake note, distinguish a $5 in the middle of $10 notes bundle, and give you on screen total value count when running mixed denominations.  These counters will also sort your bank notes by denomination for almost the same price as a Note Scale or a single piece Note Counter!

Why does my Counting Machine keep breaking down?

Everyone in every industry claims their product is reliable, high quality and value for money. Unfortunately that is not always the case and we have found some brands are prone to breakdowns.

We only work with brands we trust, fully understand and know how to support with highly qualified and happy technicians.

Keeping up to date with changes in currencies is an area that requires constant attention and improvement.

Can I at least fix simple daily issues with my machine without having to place an expensive service call?

Money in general is very dirty from constantly circulating around the country. Counting machines download all that dirt, grime, chemicals, soil, ink and liquids inside them when the money is run through them for sorting or counting.

If you understand the basics of how the machine works inside you can reduce daily delays and hassles. At CS Services we explain in simple non-technical language how to rectify daily issues and resolve them quickly.  .

Why is it taking so long for a technician to turn up? And why half the time they’re not sure how fix what they sold me? Or don’t even have the required spare parts they need?!

We constantly receive positive feedback and compliments from our clients about our response time, extensive knowledge of our products.

Each of our service technicians have a van like a mini warehouse filled with spare parts. We only supply and recommned  a few brands that we trust, understand and are able to fix easily.

We don’t overload our technicians with 10’s of brands and makes of products, causing them to be confused and stressed which causes unhappy customers and frustrated embarrassed technicians.

Why does my Note Counter miscount and jam all the time with TITO tickets?

It is simple; TITO (ticket in / ticket out) tickets are thicker than banknotes and shed a more paper dust and generate grime from the ink. 

This will occasionally result in the feed rollers pulling notes with the tickets into the reject pocket or force two notes to feed together resulting in a miscount.

At CS Services we have found solutions over the years to successfully improve this known problem with special hardware and software built into our Note Counters. 

Can I avoid spending on expensive TITO Clearance Software that will lock me into a computer and having to change it every time I change my Note Counter?

If your main problem is the challenge of storing the TITO tickets for years, we have the best solution.  Simply run all your tickets through one of our specialized TITO Note Counters and it will scan them for you and save them on a removable SD card.

No Expensive Software needed. No computer or laptop needed. No Network connection needed. 

Every Dual Pocket Note Counter will send the tickets to the reject pocket therefore you are effectively sorting the TITO tickets from the Notes. 

Why doesnt my Note Counter like a certain denomination, or does not handle the new Australian Notes very well?

Following the release of the first NGB (Next Generation Banknote) notes in October 2019,  and from the beginning we had the unique opportunity to work very closely with the RBA, conducting extensive testing and trials to assist us in choosing best Hardware and Software solutions to equip our Note Counters with.

We strongly believe we have nailed down the solutions and continue to improve and research as more banknotes are being released around the world and not just in Australia.